About Us | Saint Esor

Saint Esor is a brand birthed from the love of fashion and art culture combined over the past two decades. It's conception is derived from the initials of the founder's nickname (ST) and his mother's middle name Rose (Esor=Rose spelled backwards), who was responsible for inspiring and influencing his love for fashion as a way to keep her legacy and name alive after passing away from a brain aneurysm in 2008.

After years of consuming high end brands and services, Saint Esor was established with meticulous detail and consideration to bring a breath of fresh air to the fashion experience in its entirety by transforming fabrics such as cotton and leather into literal canvases that exhibits ART commissioned directly from digital & contemporary street artists. Intrigued by the exclusivity of high demand low quantity items, our designers and internal team value's are parallel with the intricate yet intimate production of fine art because that's exactly what our products are. We take great pride in delivering our customers products that are comparable to the most prestigious brands that are currently in the fashion industry. At the end of the day, we are simply in the business of wearable art. Building long-standing relationships with our customers & partners through value and exceptional service is our main objective. We are Saint Esor.